Architect – Geobiologist.


As an experienced architect specialised in single-family housing, I began to explore the potential of geobiology. I then followed a dedicated training in Switzerland, which opened me to a new field of expertise. Noting the beneficial effects of geobiology in concrete cases, I decided to focus my activity on harmonising living space and working place.

Geobiology studies the energetic influences of the environment on health and well-being, such as the impact of rivers and groundwater, faults, variations in the Earth's magnetic field, telluric beam crossings and other interferences.

Harmonising your living or working environment makes it both more peaceful and revitalising. It frees the place of its disruptive energy and raises its vibratory level.

The intervention of the geobiologist can improve the health and quality of life in several ways. It can be an unexpected response to insomnia or chronic fatigue. It can boost immunity and reduce anxiety. It can also help enhance interpersonal relationships within the family or in the workplace. It can help you sell your home. It can also make your new house feel like home, by releasing the energy of previous residents. The feedbacks received from my clients have largely confirmed its multiple beneficial effects.

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Adèle Degezelle